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StormReady Program

Monthly Ice Thickness Search - Text Table Output(All Sites)

This will search 7 days +and- from the first of the month
Choose Month:

Enter year as YYYY. Example 2003

Show All Ice Thickness Data - Text Table

This will display all station data for selected years. Limit search to less than a 10 year period.

Enter start year as YYYY. Example 2000

Enter end year as YYYY. Example 2003

Ice Thickness Single Station Average Search

This will calculate averages and show data from each year.
Choose a first date about 4 to 7 days before
the end of a month and the 2nd date about 4 to 7
days after the beginning of the next month.

Enter average start date as MM-DD. Example 03-25

Enter average end date as MM-DD. Example 04-05

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